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Seung Mina's weapon in the Soul Calibur series.
Seung Mina kicks ass with Scarlet Thunder
by A Alcott August 15, 2006
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Roger Moore's sixth Bond film which involved a plot about trading counterfeit Romanov jewelry for a nuclear device that would be exploded in an American airbase in West Germany.

The villains were Kamal Khan (Louis Jourdan) and General Orlov (Steven Berkoff)

Maud Adams plays the title role of Octopussy, making this her second time to act in the Bond series. Kristina Wayborn also plays a love interest in this.

I consider this to be one of the better Bond movies made.
Bond: What's that one your back?

Magda: Oh, that's my little octopussy.
by A Alcott December 1, 2006
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The Soul series badass pirate who traditionally ranks among high, top or god tier due to his powerful throws, combos and counters. He was employed by Voldo's master to get Soul Edge but ended up getting it for himself to defeat the Spanish Armada. Also, Sophitia killed him but the Soul Edge brought him back to life when he became totally psycho.

He also hates his daughter, Ivy, who without a real father may explain her bizarre clothing choices and the fact that she has the blood of Soul Edge in her may have something to do with it.
Cervantes: Come back to me... my child!

Ivy: SILENCE, I can change my own destiny.


Cervantes: I'm disappointed what a useless daughter.
by A Alcott December 3, 2006
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In Soul Calibur II, the king of cheap ring outs.
Stupid Voldo just rang me out AGAIN!
by A Alcott August 15, 2006
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