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When you push out a shit that barely touches your rim hole. This type of shit usually takes less than 5 seconds to get out, remains in one piece and isn't too wet or too dry.
"Tommy saved a fuckload of toilet paper with that there SWOOSH! He only gave a courtesy wipe afterwards."
by Jado987 February 17, 2010

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The name given to the designated driver on a big night out. Their sober eyes, ears and memory act as a "camera" documenting the crazy shit that happens to drunk people on a night out.

It was derived from the words "Drunk" and "Camera".

Drunk-Cams are the sober people, who on a night out are able to recall the events of the evening and relay them to their drunk partying mates the next day.

A good drunk-cam never misses an incident or indiscretion and will happily remind those involved the following day, or until sobriety arrives.
Q. "Oi, what the fuck happened to me last night? Check out this bruise, man, I think I was hit by car."

A. "Dude, you need to speak to Kylie, she was Drunk-Cam last night."
by Jado987 February 17, 2010

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Centrelink is an Australian Government Department that hands out benefits / welfare / cash to lazy mofos. Therefore a Centrelink Buddy is a friend with benefits aka fuck buddy - A friendship with the added feature of "happy endings"
"Alright guys, I am heading off now, have a little romp planned with my "Centrelink Buddy"
by Jado987 May 15, 2010

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