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Old Mate is a brilliant Australian invention used to refer to someone that you are somehow connected with but don't personally know. Its general tone is derogatory but its not offensive.
EG: if you saw a drunk person stumbling across the road you could say..."have a look at old mate over there" or in a traffic incident....."and old mate just drove straight into me"
by Richarbl March 17, 2017
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n. Australian colloquialism. A replacement term for a person's name within a sentence. Usage stems from the idea that a person need not be named during a statement or anecdote, but that his or her identity can be deduced by the context of the message.

Sometimes the identity of old mate may not be discernable from the message's context. Quite often in such instances the identity is immaterial to the underlying message.
Person one: "I had sex with old mate. Again."
Person two: "You have to stop fucking her, seriously."


Person one: "Old mate dropped by and we watched the cricket for a bit."
Person two: "McGrath had a shocker, hey...."
by SITS Industries CEO September 02, 2005
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Australia, "Old Mate" :
Used to describe a person (not present) who you do not know very well, have not known very long and is therefore not your really your mate, but you do have some sort of general interaction with.
old mate who just moved in down the road asked me to mow his lawn.

Did you see old mate nearly trip over ?

Can you believe old mate pulling his car in front of mine like that !
by Sublitioux June 28, 2010
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"Old mate" is an Australian Colloquialism, usually used to refer to someone who you do not know the name of. It is normally used as a substitute for "that guy", "this guy", "his" or "he". The person referred to as "old mate" is normally the subject of ridicule. When you use the term "old mate", the target audience will normally always know who you are talking about, or easily be able to work it out.
Just take a look at old mate's hairy butt-cheeks sticking out of his pants.

Look! Old mate just jumped the queue!

Old mate keeps fucking sticking his hands down his pants and playing with his testicles.

Old mate has fucking smelly breath.
by snibbles February 11, 2016
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1. An Australian colloquialism that can be used to refer to any person, animal or object, regardless of gender. The Term is also valid regardless whether old mate is present. The identity of old mate is generally indicated by the context of the phrase.
2. An Australia colloquialism that can be used to refer to anyone whose identity cannot be discerned, or is not known well by the person using the phrase.
Old mate came over to my place when he was stoned as fuck, and started firin' shotty shells at my fucking cat. The bastard...
by Old mate standing behind ya November 20, 2017
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1. Word to describe a good friend.
2. Name for a drug source you do not wish to reveal.
3. Word to describe a perfect stranger (male) when saying something funny about them.
1. "Whats up, old mate?"
2. "I got this gram from my old mate."
3. "Check out that old mate's mullet"
by Diego June 23, 2003
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