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To stop having sex until you meet someone who you think truly deserves it from you.
She became celibate after her last boyfriend only used her for sex
by Heyhowyadoing November 14, 2017
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To go without sex, either willingly or not. Reasons include personal, religious, social, or bad luck. Only cure for a celibate individual is a slut or large amounts of alcohol to make the celibate person forget the aforementioned reasons.
Joe was scared of hell, so he decided to remain celibate.
Brian was fat, therefore he was forced to be celibate and instead frequently jerked off.
Due to Anne's many STD's, she laid off the pipe and went celibate.
by TheaXxX March 07, 2008
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Contrary to what people believe, celibacy is not the act of not having sex, it is the act of refraining from MARRIAGE. Chastity is the act of refraining from sex. Priests take a vow of CHASTITY not CELIBACY
Wrong: Im not having sex anymore, im celibate.
Right: Im not having sex anymore, im chaste.
by Esak January 20, 2008
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1)One who does not have sex, could be for religious reasons
2)Sell a bit, and give some away. Ha ha ha...
1) Janey did not sleep with tommy becuase she wants to be celibate until marriage

2) A prostitute (or really anybody who has sexual intercourse) might say "yeah i'm Celibate.. Sell a bit and give some away!!"
by TheBigCheese March 01, 2006
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Some of the people trying to accuse the guy of being a womanizer didn't know he had been celibate for almost a decade (the way he had spent most of his life). He didn't think he was a priest, or cleaner/better than anybody else, it was just the way he lived, the same way people who decide live the opposite life live the opposite life. He didn't think their accusations made a lot of sense.
by Solid mantis May 16, 2020
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1.Unmarried or will not have sex for religeous reasons
2.Can be used as an insult
YEH well at least i get boys... its way better then being celibate like u, dearest!
by jessielake June 11, 2005
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