A girl who is a virgin by choice, yet is popular for every other sexual act that lacks vaginal penetration.
You want a blowjob or an eyepopping threeway? GO buy Darla a burger, and tell her you agree. She's the coolest, most experienced celibate slut there is. Way cooler than regular sluts. BEST OF BOTH WORLDS!!
by StillHere June 15, 2008
Someone who has realized that sex is not worth the headache and is sick of the opposite sex. Someone who has realized that the opposite sex is never gonna love them. These people now vowel to be celibate from now on.
I'm so tired of the opposite sex, I'm going to New Celibate myself!
by GingyStew December 26, 2011
When a person goes a period of time without masterbating.
A lot of guys are hand celibate for No Masterbate March.
by Roman Archer June 30, 2019
A chaste woman who unknowingly (or perhaps intentionally) exudes arousing sexuality while simultaneously having no interest in follow through.
She grasped him with her eyes and beguiling smile, held him tenderly, kissed longingly, but, being a celibate siren, was indifferent to the effect she had on him.
by Dustinian_2 August 29, 2013
John: "I'm emotionally celibate about this whole situation."
Mike: "You're what?"
John: 'I'm emotionally celibate. I don't give a fuck."
by Nascar24Fan July 4, 2018
If a female is saying her man won't get any sex unless he has proof of a vaccine, it might seem like the worst thing that could happen at the time, in the way that getting off drugs seems like the worst thing that could happen to an addict when the addict first starts. You might be happier than you've been in a long time if you stick with it though.
Being celibate isn't the punishment it seems to be at first for a guy that is used to having sex on a regular basis, any more than getting sober is the punishment it might seem to be at first for an addict.
by The Original Agahnim August 19, 2021
Someone that has no role whatsoever in a bedroom.
That guy you know everything about has lived most of his life almost like a monk, a celibate life mostly.
by The Original Agahnim June 21, 2021