There are things worse than a life without sex, drugs, vaccines, or masks, even if those things seem popular to a crowd. Not everybody gets much time to be celibate in life, so a guy that has the option to get celibate and stand or get laid and fall in line for a vaccine knows it isn't a choice to panic over.
by The Original Agahnim August 19, 2021
To be so celibate, that you have never had sex nor have any hope of ever having sex. Thereby bringing ones confidence to such a low level that no one would ever have sexual intercourse with you, and people can almost smell the celibacy on you.
He had the celibate stench! Women could smell his celibacy 500 miles away!
by Arealmotherfarker November 28, 2016
Somebody who becomes celibate because other people are becoming celibate, the same way some people started fucking in high school because other people were fucking, rather than because they had an interest in the other person.
This bandwagon celibate guy holds nothing sacred, if a line forms for something else, he'll be standing in it once he gets bored with being celibate.
by Solid Mantis September 21, 2020
When a person goes a period of time without masterbating, they can still receive oral or have sex.
A lot of guys are hand celibate for no nut November.
by Roman Archer June 30, 2019
A person who abstains from marriage and sexual relations.
Yo man, did you hear about John? Dude is a straight up celibal now!
by Smart In My Own Way November 20, 2020
A person who vows to abstain from marriage and sexual relations.
Did you hear about Saint John? Dude is an absolute celibal!
by Smart In My Own Way November 16, 2020
noun - having abstained from writing
I can't stand to be literarily celibate; it drives me insane!
by Arelya March 27, 2009