21 definitions by Josie

best god damn band ever, but they are becoming famous i hope they dont become sell outs but they still kick ass
Rufio Rufio Ru-Fi-O!!!
by Josie October 09, 2003
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a B-E-A-utiful! girl/ friend of josiefoot and crazy cool kid just lookin for excitement! what a babe she is!
i love you nanobutt!! ur the best! kisses! hugs!
by Josie February 06, 2004
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it meanz dat sum1 iz sexy. it meanz tha same as sexy, but juzt spelt differently.
daym...he wush lookin sexci 2nyt ;)
by Josie August 21, 2004
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It meanz sexy...like very sexy, but just spelt differently but means tha same word
woah! chu iz sexshie ;)
by Josie August 21, 2004
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A cover-up name for a Swedish relation.
Have you met my cousin, Sffvag? s/he is from Sweden!
by Josie March 24, 2005
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1.) Marijuana spelled in reverse.
ususal said by stoners with too much time on their hands.
2.)Something to write in chalk.
"Dude, don't ask me to buy you Anaujiram in front of a teacher!"
"Naw, I wrote it in blood."
by Josie May 28, 2005
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