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The act or intended act of having sexual relations with heavenly bodies, such as planets, stars, or comets.
As a child, James would often look through his telescope hoping to find a place where he truly belonged, yet it wasn't until college when his desires became clear as he discovered he had feelings for heavenly bodies.

It became apparent to him that he was into Celestiality, whether it be a Black Hole, the tail of a Comet, or just gazing at Uranus in the night sky, James finally knew what it is he wanted.
by Celestial Lover February 17, 2011
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Any ethereal cause for otherwise inexplicable coincidence, not thought to necessarily be a god or fate, but rather explained as a purposeful movement of the cosmos. Used as a way of holding onto one's spirituality to explain certain events while still taking a scientific view of the universe.
Friend 1: "I met Rose at a grocery store that I never, ever shop at. I'm not a religious man, but sometimes it feels like too much of a coincidence."

Friend 2: "Sometimes the world just works like that, man. Certain things match up so well, it feels like a celestiality."
by AiboHikari July 28, 2012
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