A show for babies 🙄
Cbeebies channels: 121 124 or 202 or 837
Mum:wat are you doing?
12 year old: watching cbeebies
Mum: Ur too old for cbeebies
12 year old: I dont care
Mum: watch CBBC its better for you
12 year old: fine 🙄
by Michael the smart boy August 24, 2021
Cringey, mediocre baby television. Since babys don't ever really watch television, it goes down to 12 year olds attempting "If I cringe, the video ends - Cbeebies" videos then uploading them for nothing but feeling good.
"Cbeebies is stupid." said the 12 year old.
by "D*cktionary" December 8, 2020
(1) A children's show network.

(2) A group of premature people ( cbeebee is the non-plural version of it )
(1) CBeeBies is a great network.

(2) Look at those cbeebies, they are so dopey.
by NOOT NOOT MOTHERFUCKER September 22, 2017
Indians are like bb's cbeebies
by GGH1 April 22, 2016
The pre-school channel that at least most British people who were born in 2000 or earlier have grown up with. Featuring the shows you totally grew up with, and maybe the ones you couldn't stand to see as well.
"CBeebies, CBeebies!"

Yeah, that's all the channel can say, it's name.
by LTPofficial March 5, 2023