The kind of whore who can't live without getting fuck by as many cocks as possible. The nasty whore will prefer multiple penetration...followed by anal and cuir licking and fucking. It usually ends with a good ass to mouth and the nasty whore will clean it at to the very last drop every time.
God dude...last night we fucked this nasty whore we found at the club.
While I was fucking her head, Bret and Micheals where blowing her pussy and ass out. And finnaly we got out of there clean that whore clean us all with a good out fashioned ass to mouth.
by The Lord June 7, 2004
someone who smells like fish and has cottage cheese between her legs she also loves the cock. She cant survive without that huge meatpole between her legs.
Joeys mom is a nasty whore but he loves it
by ambersuckscock June 12, 2007