The best role model one could ever have. A beautiful lady who knows when her children need to be praised or disciplined, she doesnt go to far with punishments either. She is perfect.
New friend coming to my house for the first time: you have the best mom!
by Im[Define]st July 28, 2017
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Best. Mom. EVER is Jessica. Jessica has seven kids and is an awesome cook. She calls herself a mess, but she's actually rocking everything she is. If you see a Best. Mom. EVER, know that's one amazing woman(and mom of course).
Jimmy Neutron: Wow, Jessica can really cook. Woah, holy! Seven kids! She is rocking it. YAS QUEEN!
Miranda Lambert: Yee yee, indeed. She is one Best. Mom. EVER
by TheFavoriteOfSeven December 22, 2020
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my mom....the one that gives you weed to smoke the one that pays for your broke ass to party the one that lies to your dad for you to get away with murder the one that always knows how to make you feel better and get you out of trouble
!.my mom
2.thanx for bailin my ass, your the best mom ever
by kodie-isa-high-on November 28, 2004
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