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Catelyn is timelessly and breathtakingly gorgeous, open-minded, intelligent, loving in every aspect--some unimaginable, and the best partner in crime you could ever hope or wish for. Catelyn is artistic, athletic, and loyal to a fault (not a flaw, mind you). She knows how to be goofy one minute and classy the next. She possesses a uniquely magnetic, attractive, zany, and charming personality. If you dare gaze into her amazing eyes, you should probably have a GPS or some sort of map handy because YOU WILL get lost in them. Catelyn has an incredibly huge and beautiful heart, capable of immense love. Which may explain why she has a soft spot for the weird, crazy, overly sensitive and sometimes socially awkward guy, who is actually just a big kid at heart. If you know what's good, treat her with respect and always do your best to keep her happy, because her smile is so worth it. She has a fantastic sense of humor, loves to play fight/wrestle a lot, and tends to get competitive and isn’t afraid to get a little rough, especially between the sheets! Muy caliente! She likes outdoor activities, such as jogging, hiking, fishing, and camping, and she’s an expert at pitching tents. She also knows how to let loose in ways that will surprise you. Catelyn is and will always be my BFF soul mate friend forever. I want to eat Catelyn! You heard right.
Me: Sup girl, you found me!
Catelyn: Yup, now I'm going to hit that. HARD!
Me: Whoa! All day AND night long??
Catelyn: HELLS to the YEAH! Prepare yourself!!
Me: OMG. Bring it! And marry me?
Catelyn: Did you really just ask me that? *huge smile*
Me/Catelyn (in unison): I love you BFF soul mate friend forever!!! JINX!!!!!
*Sexy make-out wrestling match ensues*
by kalmyk March 23, 2013
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Commonly used in text messages or social media as a short form for Very Sound Advice.
Mate 1: Hey, I'd be careful risking all that money on one bet. Only risk what you can afford to lose.
Mate 2: Thanks. VSA
by Sexucator February 08, 2021
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An absolutely amazing creative beautiful girl. Her talents fall in a wide array around her and she never ceases to amaze. A loyal friend and a beautiful soul. She is in a word, lovely.
Who is that radiant woman?" "That's Catelyn.
by arthur Kirkland-Bonnefoy July 29, 2011
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a way better way to spell the name "Caitlin"
anyone who spells it this way is obviously much cooler, smarter, prettier and clever than someone with the spelling "Caitlin"
"The gaelic spelling can suck it, because Catelyn is a way cooler way to spell the name."

"Oh it's spelt Catelyn? That's so much more original than the traditional, you must be way cool."
by Wizardbean January 20, 2009
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A very beautiful chick. Normally has beautiful brown eyes that you'll get lost in forever so bring a map. Once you see her its instant love. She's dark but very artistic. And the one smile you get out of her radiates were you found her.
Boy: Damn I hate health, its a drag.
Boy 2: Hella bro.
Boy: Well shit my day got better, who's she?
Boy 2: That's Catelyn, isn't she hot?
Boy: Hella bro.
by Matt1314Class1314 December 06, 2013
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Most annoying person in the world and someone that cheats catelyns tend to be annoying and or making you want to kill yourself
by Jason Kimble October 29, 2018
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