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A dumbass who should have never been elected because he doesn't do shit for America but of course as Americans are dumbasses and wanted black president because we've never had one. (I'm American btw)
by Matt1314Class1314 February 19, 2014

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A very beautiful chick. Normally has beautiful brown eyes that you'll get lost in forever so bring a map. Once you see her its instant love. She's dark but very artistic. And the one smile you get out of her radiates were you found her.
Boy: Damn I hate health, its a drag.
Boy 2: Hella bro.
Boy: Well shit my day got better, who's she?
Boy 2: That's Catelyn, isn't she hot?
Boy: Hella bro.
by Matt1314Class1314 December 06, 2013

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Hipster bullshit that people use as an excuse for doing some dumbass thing
Guy 1: I heard your tried to kill yourself by jumping into niagra falls
Guy 2:Yeah I did it for the YOLO
by Matt1314Class1314 February 19, 2014

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A vicious lie that women use as an excuse to rip out your heart and burn it
Boy: I think I love my girlfriend
Me: Its a lie she's just using it to extort money and time away from you.
by Matt1314Class1314 June 14, 2014

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