a strange cuddle/fuck/ make out fight that ends up with an entanglement of limbs strategically located I'm the owners desired body part
John and Kate play fight on the couch because John took take Kates phone
by fatratguy January 27, 2015
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An excuse for people who like each other to make physical interactions.
Leta and Alessio were play fighting they must like each other.
by Gemini bby June 5, 2019
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Ryan and Jessica were play fighting in class today, they definitely like each other.
by ygcvhu March 2, 2017
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That one song that may or may not play when you enter the battle of the fictional character sans the skeleton who appears in the 2015 role playing game undertale and is a-

Screw it, I’m done. Here’s the song:

Oh you cant have links so I put the link in the tags
Person: hey, you know stmpwyfs
Other person: yeah.

Song that might play when you fight sans.
by Stmpwyfs is a good song April 12, 2021
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