Bestfriend anyone in the world could ask for. People hate her because they know shes better then them. Shes really cute and pretty and is always real.

Sometimes her life is messed up but she keeps her head up.
Kathia: 'F' boyfriend is always checking her out.
Kelly: Yeahh because you know shes finer then you. Haha
by Danny.. March 2, 2010
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Like Satan; one who senses demons.
Causes trouble but is somewhat endearing.
"God, she was acting so weird; Like Cata, or something"
by tomuchboobs January 28, 2015
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the worst school in history. bad kids. roaches. bedbugs. SCABIES. has school when no other school does. racist teachers. racist students. school shooting threats. bullies. fights. gym, cafateria and auditorium in one place. ghetto teachers. gangbanging teachers. pads on the bathroom walls. sex in bathrooms. and it stinks. k-12. what more do younexpect.
“hey what school do you go too?”
oh please kill yourself
by nibba nine November 25, 2019
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cata is a nickname for a latin american name: catalina. It is commonly used in South American countries, and its one of the prettiest names arounf there.
catais a nice girl who lives in Mexico.
by /catalina October 17, 2006
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Slang term from the dance game "Dance Dance Revolution" which corresponds to a song with a difficulty rating of 9. (In the early versions of Dance Dance Revolution, such songs were called "Catastrophic" in the game, thus the term carried over with the newer versions.
It was hard, but I finally passed that cata Matsuri Japan last night!
by ocfernan July 13, 2003
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The bus company that escorts drunken penn staters around university park and the greater centre county area
YAAAAAAA lets get drunk and ride the cata white loop.
by PENN STATE September 12, 2005
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to launch something small and lightweight off the tip of your penis while having a massive boner.
Hey, while you're by the fridge, launch me a peice of corn with your cata-dick.
by D3RR!CKnZ!0N October 21, 2008
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