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Slang term from the dance game "Dance Dance Revolution" which corresponds to a song with a difficulty rating of 9. (In the early versions of Dance Dance Revolution, such songs were called "Catastrophic" in the game, thus the term carried over with the newer versions.
It was hard, but I finally passed that cata Matsuri Japan last night!
by ocfernan July 13, 2003
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That bar raper just passed Beethoven's Virus on Crazy today!
by ocfernan July 13, 2003
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1. Two landmark buildings in New York City (formerly the tallest in the world) officially known collectively as part of the World Trade Center. Both of these buildings were destroyed by terrorist attacks on Sept. 11, 2001.

2. The World Wrestling Entertainment tag team Akeem and the Big Boss Man (back when the company was called the Worldwide Wrestling Federation).
(1) The Twin Towers were located in Manhattan.

(2) Last night, the Twin Towers miserably defeated the National Disasters.
by ocfernan July 13, 2003
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In wrestling, means a wrestler that is a fan favorite.
Hulk Hogen is probably the biggest face in World Wrestling Entertainment history.
by ocfernan July 13, 2003
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Term from dance games "Dance Dance Revolution" and "Pump It Up", which means a player who holds on to the back bar the majority of the time while playing a song(s).
That bar hugger managed to pass MaxX Unlimited without falling!
by ocfernan July 13, 2003
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