An Aussie’s way of sayingHeaven”.
Oh, I found it at Cashies, mate! Where you can find your dreams...
by Barkable March 24, 2021
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Cashies are odd jobs, or positions where when you fulfill the work required, you get cash in hand. Simple as that. The term is derived from The Big Lez Show, an Australian cartoon series.
"been doing cashies my whole life cunt"
by wordfondler101 August 20, 2018
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A job where you get cash in hand. Tradesmen commonly accept cash in hand jobs.
by SteveForde March 01, 2008
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forever i'ma be a Shady 7-4 Gangster
plus i survived everything you got in that chamber
i thrived off-a danger, jumpin' in all beef
you keep talkin' shit, now the squad called me..

by Ruben Stelling March 06, 2008
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A term used to describe a job preformed "under the table" usually by individuals who arent qualified or persons avoiding taxes.
The job is often completed to a poor quality.
*A car has broken down and a man/woman is looking under the hood*

*passer by* "ahh looks like we could do a cashy here"

* A new item has just broken* "fuck whoever put that together was doing a cashy"
by LX Hockey February 10, 2010
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to be of wealth, have money, to be flush,to loan money from.
how are you for a money?cashman "im cashy"
by boss laard July 22, 2006
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Something Zinger YT uses when it's lit
That shot was hella Cashie!
by Zinger YT May 26, 2018
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