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HOOPTY (noun) any vehicle trashed out or abused to the point it really looks like a plie of shiz-ats
Yo check this out: I aint ridin' in yo mf hoopy to shorty's crib and dats dat, aight?
by Priz Biz Sage June 8, 2005
Car-Toon (noun) both an animated featurette and a degorgatory expression of disdane for the offensive person.

Often expressed with other foul language when used in the latter example.
Don't make me f you up you lame ass cartoon.
by Priz Biz Sage June 8, 2005
Compond word referring to a 40 oz. beer and a fat rolled reffer.
"What I aint doin'is getting caught up in y'all madness by keepin' my ass right cheer in my hisouse chillin' wit my 40 and a blunt!"
by Priz Biz Sage June 8, 2005
Schizzel (Shizz/ILL)Adjective. Eubonic experssion to mean "sure". Forms half the popular phrase "For Schizzel my Nizzel" may sometimes cause person expressing it a "clowin" rep.
Fer shizzel my Nizzel the snoop has told us...
and all-the-time-doin-it with-Out-tryin to scold us.
by Priz Biz Sage June 8, 2005
Abreviation for Bowell Movement (Verb I guess) Certainly not to be used anywhere near to "yo baby's Mama" and one poor sole has suggested.
Eating a balanced diet will result in healthy floating B.M's; not the bowl stanging sinkers most gangsters coil in dimly lit, fetid tiolets.
by Priz Biz Sage June 10, 2005
: to have an low self image and unresolved abandonment issues coupled with lack of drive.
Yo flunky, don't let yo' mouth write no checks yo body caint cash!

Did you know: Flunking and the spin off "flunky" word stem from school have long stood to mean anyone who has failed or quits learning to pursue some self defeating life style. Once commonly used to desribe 4 F army recruits during the second world war.
by Priz Biz Sage June 8, 2005
sup (query) bastardisation of the phrase "what is up" A lazy way of expressing the mind numbing boredom of unstructured young minds.
Dunna know.
Jew eat?
No jew?

this is an actual converstaion between several teens from Simi Valley in the L.A basin.
by Priz Biz Sage June 8, 2005