”It is the best last namn to have. If your last name is Carlsson, then you should be extremely happy. It is a gift from the higher ups (AKA your parents). A divine gift which you should cherish forever and always”.
For example: “Oh is your last name Carlsson?, you must truuuuuly be blessed
by M-A-J-A January 2, 2019
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A Swedish Idol participant and singer. One of the hottest women in swedish history.
Man 1: Dude! That Agnes Carlsson is hot. I want to do her! But i think my girl would disagree!
Man 2: Man, i'm sure she will understand!
Man 1: Do you think? Ill ask her!
Man 1: Honey. Id like to do Agnes Carlsson. Would that be ok?
Girlfriend: Off course, love. She is the hottest in the history of sweden! I understand!
by Lindstroem December 11, 2009
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Lukas Carlsson is a very handsome and fit guy who is a lady magnet if you wish. Every girl has a very good time hanging out with him and he is good at making friends. He keeps his shape good at all time and all other people at gym class feel very sad when Lukas dominates the field. Lukas often keeps to himself and likes to be single. Even tho a lot of girls are available for him he still stays single for his own best. Lukas always tries to be nice to everyone but still manages to get his heart broken.
look its Lukas Carlsson! He is such a good friend. All the ladies would love to be with him.
by bestmaster69 December 9, 2019
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A lazy man in Sweden who is mental, eats tons of food, takes pictures of everyone and anything including screenshots, doesn’t care about anyone, wears kids clothes, has tons of money, and laughs at people who are dead
Johan: Yes boy
Anyone: What is this man child also known as a Johan Huss Carlsson doing now
Johan: Does stupid things
by Imakewords1 December 29, 2022
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He will be kind unless he is on your bad side, nonetheless he has a massive one. and he likes spanish tortillas
Wow look at how big it looks, hes definetely a caspian.

a person with a big one is a caspian carlsson.
by April 22, 2021
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