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lighthearted, gay, eternally optimistic. can be careless. does not give 2 shits.
she had a carefree heart that took her many places.
by rclsoundsystem October 29, 2017
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to be a hoe, slut, skank, trick or to just be a person who don't give a fuck point blank.
shanteeka- girl i slept with J.Lip carefree.
LaRhonda- Man I beat this bitch ass lastnight carefree at that house party.
Tiarah- I cussed Esha out carefree earlier.
by LayLayEastHammond January 23, 2008
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Someone who doesnt give a shit about the public opinion of their living arrangements in their mother's basement, with their DJ's turntables and gear, their gorilla mask, and their werewolf suit they try to scare kids with.
The girl was a carefree clown, she didnt give a shit what anybody thought, she was happy to live in her mama's basement, telling her mama about the latest gossip and what all the bad people in the neighborhood did.
by Solid Mantis August 17, 2020
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