Marinette is a kind girl who is always trying to help those around her. She tends to be clumsy and intelligent. She is very beautiful. She is very lucky and miraculous!
Marinette helps her parents out in their bakery
by Lord Plagg of Camembert March 27, 2018
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An amazing, sweet girl who is always willing to help whoever is in need. She is somewhat clumsy but is very smart. She is also good at memorizing things.
Adrien: Marinette can you help me on something?
Marinette: *Running like a bolt* IM COMING MY LOVE
by Miraculous lover September 7, 2018
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a sweet, innocent, obsessive, shy girl who is apparently just a friend.
by skrtskrtfishy December 1, 2019
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girl from Miraculous Ladybug. Half white - Half Chinese girl (impossibly dark blue hair). Skinny AF despite living in a bakery. Her butt and booty are neither thicc or flat, thicc lips tho. Very nice butt is a stalker with a crush and the crush is Adrien.
Juleka: That's my girl Marinette from my class.
Luka: Damn I need a girl like Marinette
by terusaiki_ May 22, 2019
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