The perfect girl you'll see. She'll make things look easy for you. Won't judge you at all unless you do over cute stuff. She's one of a kind. Ain't nobody got that humour like she does. She'll make you run for your senses. If you have Esha in your life. Then never choose sheesha over her.
A single sentence can't signify Esha's value.
by Roguewolfx March 1, 2019
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Esha is a name that means shy, smart, beautiful, funny in her own way, dark at times, and crazy. She has the most contagious smile and laugh ever. She is a tough person in public, but alone, she is the softest person ever. She cares about her best friends and family so much, even if they get on her nerves sometimes. She will stick up for anyone she truly cares about and is always prepared to fight someone for them, even if she is shorter than them. She has a great taste in style and always manages to pull off any look, even if she feels like a potato 24/7.
Guy number 1: Yooo who is that cute girl over there?

Guy number two: That's got to be an Esha, she's so hot
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An amazing, sweet and lovely girl! She is generous and cares about everyone else, and has an amazing smile! She is super talented in singing and if you become friends with her you wonโ€™t regret it. She is extremely gorgeous and also adores animals! Iโ€™ll tell you one last time, she is a keeper!
Wow! She is such an Esha! So sweet!
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Esha has to be the most down to earth/ beautiful human being ever. She is beyond caring and has such a big heart. Once you get to know her she is the complete opposite of what you think she would be (in a good way). Esha is literally impossible to hate. She is the most generous, intelligent, crazy, sexy woman youโ€™ll ever meet. Once you get a Esha theres no turning back. So make sure what ever you do, love and respect Esha
Man i love esha ๐Ÿฅฐ.
by bighairycloset August 30, 2021
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An Esha is a lovely, hilarious, gorgeous and genuinely a wonderful human being in every way. They're loveble because of their childish ways and have an attractive charm. Their smiles are contagious and no one can make you laugh like an Esha
Wow that girl is such an Esha!
by RebeccaLilly December 12, 2017
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A gorgeous sexy girl with great sense of humour. Esha is very clumsy but in a cute way ,she loves spending time with her friends. She is very loyal and will always be there for you . Esha is very bubbly and fun she loves a good game but she can be very competitive. She is very sporty and is up for a challange. She is very shy when u get to meet her. But she also has a very wild side about her . You will love that once you get to know her. Esha has a beautiful stunning face but sometimes she can forget that so always remind her . You would be lucky to date her .
She is so esha
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an Esha is a very chilled out but feisty girl. She is good at mostly everything but denies it. Eshas can be extremely fun to hang out with and once you properly get to know them they can be amazing and funny. She will be shy at first and won't talk much, but she eventually opens up to be a really fun person and a big movie buff. She has a thing for funny guys and loves to hang out with friends
boy: man, she is good at everything
girl: I know! such an Esha
by ohthatkidlol May 7, 2019
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