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A very serious medical emergency, where the circulation of the blood stops due to your heart stopping. This lack of oxygen being pumped through vital organs such as the brain through the blood cells results in loss of consciousness.

If left too long to be treated, the person suffering caridac arrest will soon die. Immediate treatment usually results in a recovery. Such treatment includes CPR and Defibrillation.

Symptoms can include fatigue, breathlessness, fainting and a nearly undetectable pulse.
1. The doctor's face looked grim as he turned to the wife of the recently deceased man to break the news that he had died from Cardiac Arrest.

2. After suffering dizzyness, the man collapsed; he was going into Cardiac Arrest.
by YourDadSellsAvon June 16, 2016
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A crime when you make someone else's heart stop working on purpose. This can get you the maximum amount of years in prison, fines, and maybe even the death penalty.
Dude1: "Did you hear about that gym teacher going to prison?"
Dude2: "Yeah, apparently he got a lifetime sentence."
Dude1: "He committed Cardiac Arrest, he deserves it."
by Literally Anyone October 11, 2017
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A Cardiac Arrest is a cocktail of approximately $16 Australian dollars worth of cheap Woolworths spices with such a potent smell that it can quite possibly cause one to go I to Cardiac Arrest hence the name. All mixed in a salt container.
Guy 1: yo is that a Cardiac Arrest dude
Guy 2: yeah dude smell it
Guy 1: *goes into cardiac arrest*
Guy 2: well shit that explains the name
Guy 3 in ominous tone: he was not worthy of the S P I C E
by COMMUNIST KOAT HANGER October 09, 2019
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Refers to an instance where you get "cuffed 'n' booked" for stealing someone's heart.
Cardiac arrest never happens in real life, of course, but "there oughtta be a law" against trifling with someone's affections.
by QuacksO October 05, 2018
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