To attract and hold the attention or of intrest, as by beauty or excellence.
her charm and personality is captivating, because she's angelical and believes in heaven.
by Mary_R April 7, 2010
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To capture and hold someone's attention with one's own charisma or magnetism; attract strongly.
The dancer captivated her audience with her deep eyes and exotic movements.
by world citizen May 15, 2005
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noun; a video screen in an elevator that is used for advertising or marketing.
we all found ourselves mesmerized by the captivator. someone had to hit the door open button twice so that we could get free of it.
by steve stein March 21, 2008
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When lying becomes an activity, call it CAPTIVITY!
Bro, fuck all this captivity. I'm done with people lying to me all the time.
by My defintions not yours November 29, 2019
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noun, plural captivities.
the state or period of being held, imprisoned, enslaved, or confined.

Related forms Expand
precaptivity, noun
semicaptivity, noun

Synonyms Expand
1. bondage, servitude, slavery, thralldom, subjection; imprisonment, confinement, incarceration.

Antonyms Expand
1. freedom.
In June 2009, we escaped from captivity, bringing a sudden resolution of a captivity that seemed destined to drag on for years.

Lawand was one of just nine lucky enough to escape after two months of captivity.

Militants have revealed a total of six videos of Bergdahl in captivity, with various demands in exchange for his release.
by DSEdefining June 30, 2015
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Kept within bounds.
After her vaginal blood farts inside her high mid waist full butt brief panties, she cried being captive inside her bloody high mid waist full butt brief panties that she then just spreaded her legs.
by Arturo Bhutan November 1, 2018
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