1. Where Michael Moore goes to receive felattio for his movies when nobody in the United States is buying his garbage.

2. Home of a famous pornographic film festival.
1. (Michael Moore steps off his private jet and arrives in Cannes)

MM: Hello, Frenchmen! Praise and reward me for my newest piece of half-assed propaganda!

(Entire city of Cannes kneels down and opens wide)
2. Ali G went to Cannes and some chick pressed his face into her own titties!
by Chernorizets Hrabr June 10, 2007
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A apparent geezer, who tries his hardest hide his homosexuality. He can often be seen out and about the town hurling derogatory slurs to the women of his local town.
Dave: Yeah you know him, hes a proper Jamie Cann ( rhymes with man )
by jac da lad February 16, 2017
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A relatively unkown swear word used as an expression of hate or disgust when the person in question does not want to use recognisable swear words.

Can be used in place of .
"Oh shit man!"
Man * Drops ice cream on floor*
" Cann Camarla"
by Doctor Pepper March 10, 2019
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Evie cann is a top geezer and is the comedian of the group. Her humour is intellectual and plain genius. Her music playlist is fab and way better than anyone else’s especially Alice’s. She is so chill and her energy is so positive and if people don’t what to be friends with her they want to BE her. She isn’t judgemental until it comes to poppy and her weird actions which are questionable so i don’t blame her. Evie is the best player on our football team and more people need to realise that😐. Evie IS original and her personality is incredible unlike other people and is the smartest most sensible person of the group. However, she is a ninja in disguise and isn’t afraid to pull a sneaky prank. She sometimes uses her sweet side to cover up the fact that she can be a bitch and is often rude to people but no one would believe that. She is neither a neek or a set 8 which makes her the perfect person so be around. If you are seen with Evie cann feel special because that’s pretty sick. Evie is no ordinary girl as she has outstanding skills in being a ball girl. both hairy and bouncy. Evie cann is an incredible famous athlete and often gets stopped to sign her signature for people.
-Do you know who Evie Cann is?
-Of course! She’s so funny and everyone knows her.
by elsie thompson June 02, 2020
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French expression from New-Caledonia. Literally "To drool the cane". Properly means "to ejaculate", but mostly known for its figurative: "To lie".
Note that there are not much chances that a french person who's never been in New-Caledonia knows this expression.
-Ouais, hier, j'ai pêché un requin!
-Arrête de baver la canne...

-Yea, yesterday, i caught a shark!
-Stop drooling the cane...
by Fossjay December 13, 2014
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