Evie is a unique girl , who loves bright rainbow colours ! She will spend hours watching her favourite shows and talking to her friends . Evie cares about her friends but if you get on the wrong side of friendship , she will most likely just ignore you and will not do something you want her to do . Evie can forgive and forget but something's just cling on tight and will forver bother her. If you get on the right side of her she will honestly show her crazy side , you just need to show you are comfortable with her personality. Evie has beautiful fair hair and her eyes are the first things you see. She is very protective and will stick up for someone if she thinks it's right .
Wow ! EVIE is great with friends and family and very caring but I wouldn't get on the wrong side of her !
by Beaugirl322 July 15, 2017
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The most amazing girl you will ever meet. Amazing, caring and down to earth. Beautiful smile and amazing body. Great sense of humour.
by bbykitttt July 4, 2018
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A gorgeous kind hearted girl with a great sense of humour. One of the best kissers in the world and warm hugs. Thinks about others instead of themselves.
Hiya Evie
by steve jo April 30, 2015
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Evie is cute. She has amazing eyes and you will usually find her on Netflix. She has a unique style but pulls it off even though she has low self esteem. She will always try to stick up for herself and others even if she’s not the strongest. But she does know how to throw a punch. She’s an aesthetic queen but not popular despite her amazing personality. She has very few relationships but the boys she does date are often very special to her. And she’ll never let someone break her heart without breaking theirs first. But don’t let Evie go, you will regret it.
Hey have you seen Evie today?
Yeh she’s drawing again
by Amyymayy November 4, 2019
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A Evie is a beautfuil kind hearted girl, she puts her friends and families needs before herself. A unique name and a unique personality, her eyes are a colour of beauty and she makes friends wherever she goes and knows how to make people laugh and smile
by bobby joe junor August 26, 2010
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Goofy gal who's intense ammounts of cringe makes you smile more than sneer. Some people are not able to comprehend her comical excellence - It takes a pure intelectual. She makes fun out of boredum and recreates experiences as if you were a spectator of the actual event. All around good gal'
Evie is the type of person who is at the peak of comical excelence and has trancended humanity from being too good for normies like us.
by Spaghool February 28, 2018
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Evie is a very intelligent woman and is very friendly. She is very beautiful and has the softest lips. She spends most if her time listening to her favourite band. She gets along with a lot of people, especially boys, but she gets the occasional boyfriend. Evie is a wonderful person who cares for everyone, she especially cares for creatures. Evie is a big fan of creatures, like cats, and woodlouses... Evie will be the mot amazing person you will ever meet, and she will always be your mind.
Evie just went to her favourite bands concert.
by Jack stanzarera November 5, 2013
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