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A Evie is a beautfuil kind hearted girl, she puts her friends and families needs before herself. A unique name and a unique personality, her eyes are a colour of beauty and she makes friends wherever she goes and knows how to make people laugh and smile
Evie is an amazing person
by bobby joe junor August 26, 2010
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Often seen riding a unicorn, Evie is extremely kind and caring, once you make friends with her, she will stay your friend for life
Evie just said she has a unicorn
by fiona.horses March 08, 2015
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Evie is a very intelligent woman and is very friendly. She is very beautiful and has the softest lips. She spends most if her time listening to her favourite band. She gets along with a lot of people, especially boys, but she gets the occasional boyfriend. Evie is a wonderful person who cares for everyone, she especially cares for creatures. Evie is a big fan of creatures, like cats, and woodlouses... Evie will be the mot amazing person you will ever meet, and she will always be your mind.
Evie just went to her favourite bands concert.
by Jack stanzarera November 05, 2013
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A gorgeous kind hearted girl with a great sense of humour. One of the best kissers in the world and warm hugs. Thinks about others instead of themselves.
Hiya Evie
by steve jo April 30, 2015
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A super cool, super awesome, down-to-earth girl. She's smart, sweet, beautiful, funny and just all-around amazing. Why is she single? I have no freaking idea.
That girl is so Evie

She's Evilicious
by Neeenjaa November 20, 2011
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Who is this Evie person that you speak of? Evie is the most fucking amazing person that you will ever meet. In this case short for Evelyn. An old fashioned name, who may have a bad case of resting bitch face #RBF She is big tittied, big bootied, and has a smile that will break a neck. Evie is a rare name that is not heard of often. So if you ever do in your life meet an Evie, either date her, or become best friends. Your gunna wanna be friends with this chick!
Evie is fucking amazing, so step up and go talk to her!
by Nobody ever heard of May 12, 2016
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The sweetest girl ever known. She's beautiful, understanding, ambitious, talented, witty, hilarious, loving, sweet, sexy, trustworthy..the list is endless. She is irreplaceable, and if you've lost an Evie in your life, you've made a grave mistake. She's a gift from God and should be cherished forever. Never let go of her or let her forget how special she is to you.
by 1uzfe February 20, 2015
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