The area in affected female legs where the calf meets the foot in an abrupt, nontapering terminus; medical cause: adipose tissue surrounding the soleus tendon, probably congenital, worsened by weight gain and improved in appearance only by boots. From the English "calf" meaning wide portion of the lower leg, and "ankle" meaning slender joint of leg with foot.
If I didn't have cankles, I might be able to wear those Prada loafers with my capri pants.
by Elizabeth Bennett September 12, 2003
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Calf to ankle. No ankle. Just one leg minus an ankle
Kendall stephens has the worst cankles I have ever seen
by Swagboy1225 February 26, 2015
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When your so fat, instead of having an ankle, you feet go straight up to your calves
Fuck those cankles are huge!
by Hmgkjfukgfkh April 6, 2015
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The area that should be an ankle, but instead skips right to the foot.
"Yo Michelle has mad cankles!"
by Mortgage May 14, 2014
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An unfortunate condition, most common in females, in which the bottom of the leg and top of the foot meet with no appearent "in between".
see elephant leg; cow leg; etc...
by Ardet April 6, 2005
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When a woman`s calve muscles blend in with her ankles.
Bro, did you see the cankles on that fat chic?
by SM 2028 November 12, 2009
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