When somebody (or a playlist) unexpectedly plays cancer by My Chemical Romance, resulting in any, repressed or otherwise, emos souls to leave their body. Leaving them crying, runny eyelinered, in a corner curled in a ball screaming the lyrics and not getting up for an hour or 3, hoods up and the strings pulled. Be careful, because after the crying is done... they might kill your family. This is a major act of emo disrespect.
"Yo John, wheres Frank?
"SHHHHHHH! Hes over there"
"What is he yelling and why is he in a corner?"
"Cancer came on the radio"
"Ohhh, He got Cancered."
"Almost as bad as that time he got northern downpoured"
"Ouch... Well it'll take him a while to fix his eyeliner, lets grab pizza."
by ACloudyDay7 January 17, 2019
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