4 definitions by cheesefanatic

Person 1: How did you get cancer?
Person 2: I watched Jake Paul
by cheesefanatic May 25, 2018
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When someone doesn't know it's actually called lip balm, they call it lip bum. Don't ask me why they do it, they just do.
Billy: Why do you wear lip bum?
by cheesefanatic July 3, 2017
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It stands for 'You Obviously Love Oreos'. If you see someone eating oreos you must scream 'YOLO!', because that lets them know you saw them pigging out on oreos.
Bobby: *Nomming on Oreos*
Drew: YOLO!
Bobby: Yeah, man, you only live once!
Drew: Waitwhat.
by cheesefanatic July 28, 2017
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My period.
Girl 1: Omg you leaked
Girl 2: Yeah I know! It’s like Niagara Falls down there!
by cheesefanatic June 1, 2018
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