1. The condition of having an text message inbox so full, it takes you off the grid for a while. Especially messages from one individual.

2. Describing an individual that sends you copious amounts of inane text messages, incessantly.
1. Arrgh, I can't send any messages! My phone's got texticular cancer!

2. Matt won't stop messaging me. That guy is texticular cancer.
by Headless Chicken December 11, 2010
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The Cancer Virus Feeling or TCVF is a term given to someone whom you like that goes away after a while or period of time of not seeing that person and comes back when you meet that person. It’s like cancer, it stays in your body not doing anything until it unexpectedly comes out. It usually has an effect on a person who constantly sees the person every few long periods.
Example: Aaron usually gets The Cancer Virus Feeling whenever he goes back to Hong Kong and meets Amanda.
by Kyuubiqazz February 11, 2012
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Being completely useless, typical doomer
I'm a world cancer all I do is game 24/7 and masturbate on non-existent 2D girls
by EdgyB01 May 7, 2021
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Venom cancer is the cum that stubborn girls think of whenever they are missing some dick. It’s a toxic relationship with a terrible breakup; however, all the girl can think of is the orgasmic fluid that comes from her dream bad boy. Little does she know that it’s slowly killing her.
We had breakup sex and said that was it, but I know I’ll come back for his venom cancer.
by lilglizzy December 23, 2020
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