A form of cancer that can ultimately result in a very painful death. It starts out as a hemorrhoid like problem and emerges into an even more painful disease as it spreads through your body. Your whole body will start to bleed internally and you will die.

The only cure for this is to smoke weed every day for 6 months, the minimum. Then you will have to resort to a life of smoking weed irregularly for the rest of your life. The danker the weed the better.

Luckily there are only few cases of this found but mostly in tropical places of the US such as Florida and California.
Robert "Mom it's medical marijuania, I have Mary's Cancer"

Mother "Okay son, I don't want you to start bleeding again"
by Thealmightydoctor June 24, 2011
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TNBC refers to any breast cancer that does not express the genes for the 3 most common breast cancers, namely, Estero gen receptor (ER), progesterone receptor (PR) and HER2/neu. TNBC is more difficult to treat because most hormone therapies target one of the 3 receptors.

Triple-negative here hs a medical meaning. Triple-negative here does not mean an added negative to a double-negative.
Triple-negative breast cancer has a relapse pattern that is different from hormone-positive breast cancers.
by Waterbear March 5, 2019
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Being completely useless, typical doomer
I'm a world cancer all I do is game 24/7 and masturbate on non-existent 2D girls
by EdgyB01 May 7, 2021
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Venom cancer is the cum that stubborn girls think of whenever they are missing some dick. It’s a toxic relationship with a terrible breakup; however, all the girl can think of is the orgasmic fluid that comes from her dream bad boy. Little does she know that it’s slowly killing her.
We had breakup sex and said that was it, but I know I’ll come back for his venom cancer.
by lilglizzy December 24, 2020
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