When someone gives you immaculate brain and warps your perception of reality so much to where you got to much brain and now itโ€™s not alive.
by IBeDoingWork March 28, 2022
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(Of an action) sucking one's toes dry.
If someone were to get their toes sucked so much that they were dry, you might call it Toenail Cancer.
Related to foot fetishes.
"Oh, my God, Steph! Tom totally gave me Toenail Cancer last night."
by Salty Sarcasm March 7, 2019
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Having cancer in your testicles
Jim: I love testicular cancer, it makes them so big!
Katy: Take a look at Jim's testicles, does he have testicular cancer or something? they are massive!!
by sexy mf milf dilf March 3, 2022
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1. The condition of having an text message inbox so full, it takes you off the grid for a while. Especially messages from one individual.

2. Describing an individual that sends you copious amounts of inane text messages, incessantly.
1. Arrgh, I can't send any messages! My phone's got texticular cancer!

2. Matt won't stop messaging me. That guy is texticular cancer.
by Headless Chicken December 11, 2010
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a word used to scare a person who masturbates too much in which all the friction and loss of proteins causes spots baldness of your bush and the loss of foreskin
bro you need to stop punishing your cock your gonna catch dick cancer
by AZZeater445 July 26, 2018
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1. The result of bad greenscreening common in simple photography programs such as Apple's photobooth.

2. The missing body parts that occur as a direct result of bad quality photoshop work
1. damn, we need a better backdrop, we may appear to be on a roller coaster, but you got a bad case of digital cancer on your left cheek there

2. whoa! check out that cheap advertisement! that woman has a serious case of digital cancer - her left foot isnt even there!
by djake93 August 3, 2009
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