Penguin riding people whose currency consist mainly of monopoly money. Their daily source of protein comes mainly from maple syrup. They are proud gay people that adore the french. At night they sleep soundly in their igloos which they leave unlock. They have admirable speech patterns using words like aboot and eh?
What are canadians all aboot eh?
by n17 May 28, 2010
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A person of Canada of that is preoccupied with comparing Canada's attributes to that of the United States and quick to assert that the Canadian version of any given attribute is better than that of the United States. This Canadians do with absolutely no rationale basis. One that has a pathological inferiority complex. One that is factually devoid of North American history and also sports history (Hockey was formally established in Michigan and the United Kingdom lost a lot of territory to the United States in the war of 1812. Canada did not exist in 1812. 'Sorry'). Someone that will be polite and friendly to your face, but quite the opposite behind your back. One who is hostile and passive aggressive towards people of the United States and yet spends a lot of time in the United States vacationing and shopping. An anti-American bigot. A spineless person that is always saying sorry for their poor manners.
Hi, I'm Canadian.
I am so sorry to here that. Here is the name of a good psychologist. Perhaps they can be of help to you.
by auswayward July 01, 2014
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The best damn beer this country has to offer!
I had to wash that sick American beer down with a couple Molson Canadians.
by Kev23 September 30, 2005
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A smart term used at work primarily to talk about blacks so your coworkers don't know that your taking about them being lazy.
Dude that lazy ass Canadian Jamarcus is sleeping again on the job. He's still listening to his jive turkey rap music in his headphones.
by Chubstroker69 August 24, 2010
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