A code word that white waiters sometimes use to speak about rude black partrons.
Damn, I hate waiting on those Canadians. They run my butt off, send perfectly good food back, complain about the amount of the bill, then only tip 10 percent!
by Recon1172 May 25, 2005
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The nicest country with the loveist people, as an American I am happy to have Canada as our neighbors. No one hates Canadians even if some Americans make fun of them, sometimes vice versa. Probably the country that also hates on others the least, they also have a beautiful landscape.
American: We don't need to worry about anything, we're visiting Canada, that's where the Canadians are at!
by That's Incredible March 15, 2015
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A person residing in or born in Canada.

Superior to other countries in the following areas: hockey, healthcare, peace, tolerance, beer, maple syrup, government.

Able to take credit for the following inventions (not nearly the entire list): basketball (yes, actually invented by a Canadian - do some research), electron microscope, goalie mask, insulin, lacrosse, pacemaker, zipper...
Canadians are the best humans in the world.
by K. R. August 18, 2006
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Someone who knows how to make love in a canoe.
(A Canadian couple on a camping trip with their parents)
Mary: Dammit, there's no privacy in this cottage,
Bill: Well, we could go "fishing" tonight...
by LennardLemming July 02, 2010
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Canadians don't live in igloos or fucking log cabins, and hell no, we don't say 'aboot'You fucking retards. We live in normal houses with normal roofs, windows and fucking doors. And hell ya we make damn good beer and better at hockey, and lastly, we don't say eh? at every end of the fucking sentence. You think canadians are a bunch of idiots, take a look at BUSH (that fag)
Jim Carrey, Celine Dion, Shania Twain, Mike Meyers ,etc - people that are nothing but talented and born in Canada (Canadian)
by Jos133 October 24, 2005
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The people who reside in the country Canada, who are disliked by most Americans because they know which wars to fight, and don't kill each other as frequently. It is commonly known that they use the word eh alot. Whether or not this is true, or if people are just ignorant (I favour the latter) they are a happy, content people, who are associated with the French because that's who colonized them. Why aren't Americans like that with England? Oh wait, you declared "Independence".
American: Check out those pussy Canadians...
Canadian: Am I pussy because we don't go and fight wars over some oil, and hold a pre-emptive strike? Or because we are half french? Shut up eh?
by KinGAleX March 31, 2005
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