Somebody from the country north of the United States, which has:
Maple Syrup; Hockey; Universal Healthcare; Peace; Low Crime/Violence Rates; Excellent Donuts and Coffee (AKA Tim Horton's); Better, Cheaper Beer; Lovely Women; Nicer People;
Better Winter Sports; Cultural/Tolerance; Good/Cheap Education; Superior Genetalia.
Person 1: So I got smashed on good brew this weekend and had some great sex.
Person 2: Oh yeah, eh? Me too!
Person 3: (Jealously) Damn canadians.
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a secretive way to refer to a person of color as not to be interpreted by strangers
i dont want to go downtown....because its full of...canadians.
by alga February 11, 2007
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People that live in Canada. Usually misunderstood and mocked. They do actually say 'eh' quite a bit, but they do not say 'aboot'... EVER. They eat regular foods, with plenty of flavors other than maple syrup, and can be just as rude as an American when pissed off. Also they have the great privilege of free health care and the largest amount of fresh water in the world. Suck on that.
"oh you're one of those Canadians? Oout and aboot in the states eh? haha"
"Shut the f*** up"
by anamefornow May 06, 2013
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They are the Pepsi of America. They use syrup per moose instead of miles per hour. When they are mad all you here are angry beaver noises. They regurgitate there food and feed it to there children. Overall nice and chill peeps tho
Your a fuckin Canadian. Canadians have free health care.
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by Skeleton king with the thicccc October 16, 2019
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What you call black people when they could hear you use a more offensive term.
"Don't park your car here. I don't like this neighborhood, it's full of Canadians."
by Bill Billy October 30, 2007
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1. People from Canada. We are very proud of our country, so don't insult it when we can hear you. We do not say eh any more than anyone else does, and don't live in igloos.

2. What Americans say they are when their're on vacation, especially in England.
1. I live in Canada, deal with it.

2. Yeah, I'm Canadian. I've got the flag on my backpack.
by fjike August 07, 2011
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Expression for black people used by whites as "code" when they want to refer to blacks in a semi-derogatory manner without being detected in a group of people
"Jeezus, look at all the Canadians out tonight."
by Paulie G. September 19, 2006
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