Sexual relief.
The origins of this term are rooted in a 90's British TV advert for Rowntrees fruit pastilles. Herein, a crazed Scotsman in a kilt eats said sweets before being galvanised into a frenzied dance, during which he exclaims: "Set the juice loose aboot this hoose!" The vulgar double-entendre implied through this exclamation is what gave rise to the more recent definition of "hoose", around the turn of the millenium.
"I need a bit of the old hoose"
"This is a bit hoosological"
"Hoose! Hoose! HOOSE!!!"
by Karisade May 24, 2007
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scotch for "house"
made famous by that wine gums advert (or was it fruit pastilles)
There's juice
aboot this hoose!
by b0Bz0r3llo February 10, 2005
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1. a house
2. just hanging out doing nothin at home
3. to head to the house
1. The dog is in the hoose.
2. What's up? I'm just hoosin it.
3. It's late we better hoose it soon.
by shaun November 17, 2004
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*while a character in a video game is getting punched* "hoose hoose hoose!"
by Jonathan June 19, 2006
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To unabashedly consider yourself finished a given task, without proper testing or verfication of your assumption.
The system crashed because the administrator chose to hoose and go drink beer.
by The Codewise Boys February 5, 2005
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To beat, destroy or otherwise triumph over something.
If you steal my vaginal jelly one more time I'm gonna hoose you.

He thought he could beat me in pool but I hoosed him.
by Laszlo H August 18, 2006
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