when a girl squirts in your mouth and you shake your head like a st. Bernard whisking drool with you're tongue like peanut butter and you say fuck and she moans you learned to speak french
such a strong man do you speak french
by sanxity July 3, 2019
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In Germany, "she speaks French," is slang for "she sucks dick really good."

This might quite change the image you had of 5sos' Try Hard
"She speaks French, I think she's fluent."
by Glitterprinses ✨ 🎶 March 10, 2018
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Is a polite way of saying she gives a good blowjob
"She can speak French, I think she fluent"

Mean she gives amazing blowjobs she must be fluent at it lol that song isn't as innocent as you thought but just remember good girls are bad girls who haven't been caught
by Invisible hood July 24, 2016
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Used for someone (essentially females) who’s fluent at sarcasm/ very good at being sarcastic/ a sharp-witted woman
A: Are you having fun at this party?
B: Oh yes I’m loving it, it’s the best day of my life, being sidelined by my very date, standing here all alone, best day ever!
A: Ooh she speaks French!
by Cheekylara:3 March 23, 2019
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you: je parle français
someone: damn you pussy destroyer, if you're French speaking person
by stewardo December 19, 2020
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