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Bad 'Music' that's inferior to Rock, made by grown men usually called something like "Lil Douchebag" (on the odd chance it's a girl they'll be a massive slut who only cares about sex), who goes around saying "mur-mur" a 1000 times to stolen beats from older and better songs who will rage on about diversity and how woke he is while spreading and endorsing stereotypes black people have been trying to escape from for ages and selling it to there youth to make a horrid cycle. Usually enjoyed by white 9 year olds who are obsessed with fortnite and tiktok, also enjoyed by the odd obese, glasses wearing fat, ugly nerd in some high schools according to My own experience, I wanted to punch that fucking fat-fuck, fat people are cringe as fuck.

Fat white kid: "yo yo my nigga here wit da nu lil douchebag song on fleet it be drippin i luv me dum ass rap music, i mean Musik!"
Non retarted person: "shut the fuck up, please shut the fuck up, rock will always be better than your loop over the same 3 seconds shit"
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by KimPine May 16, 2021

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The best type of people, where Keanu Reeves, Michael Cera, Elliot Page, Maple Syrup, Metric, The Scott Pilgrim Franchise, Neil Young, Plumtree, K-OS, Rush and Sum41 (one of the most badass bands ever) are from. (And it shows!)

There also super nice, and they have the best women too, and our very welcoming.
"Isn't he Canadian? Canadians are so nice..." "And the hot too!"

I am Australian, I want to go to Canada.
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by KimPine May 04, 2021

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A wise, highly intelligent, man or woman who knows and is proud to be themselves, and never wants to be 'normal' or 'mainstream' and knows that

1: They don't fit in, they don't want to

2: There not mainstream, good for them

3: There's gonna be people out there like You no matter what, and those are Your kind of people

4: There not one to hang out with 'popular' people, because they know that 'popular' and 'non-popular' are toxic, man-made concepts that hold back society

5: There damm PROUD there a Outsider, and they love ever second of it, there taste aren't mainstream, there looks aren't, there views aren't, they themselves aren't, except for a very few select yet brilliant people, there fellow Outsiders and they LOVE it.

6: There happy to be there own damm person

If this sounds like You, or if it relates to You, congrats, your one of us, your smart, your yourself and your a badass.

TL;DR: Someone who never wants to fit in with 'popular', 'normal' or 'mainstream' concepts and prefers to be around REAL people who know who they are, such as himself, he and his fellow outsiders and to enjoy doing, having and making REAL things with them.
Austin never wanted to fit in with the 'popular' kids or people because he knew they where horrid and didn't want to surround himself with toxic and horrid people and prefers to be around REAL people who know who they are, such as himself, he and his fellow proud outsiders.
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by KimPine June 25, 2021

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The place where hope, dreams, love, passion and friendship dies in a cum-stain smelling, hormone surrounded freak show from hell where little sadistic freaks go to beat on anyone who isn't retarted enough to decide to think the same and to beat on the people who are PROUD to be outsiders and there-selves and know that the idea of a 'mainstream' and 'normal' are bollocks made by foolish people to dehumanize others to spread toxic beliefs that hold society down.

And as for those outsiders who are proud to be who they are, they will always be treated as the 'bad guy' and will always be tortured for no-known reason, but they don't care, there outsiders, being a outsider is the best way to live, after all.
God got really fucking pissed one day and dammed Jerry to a place far, far, worse than hell to the point it is a senseless comparison, Public High School.
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by KimPine June 25, 2021

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Worst place ever, and there's FOUR of e'm, 1 in England, 1 in Canada, 1 in America and the worst in Australia.
If You want to be tortured go to Valley View High School
by KimPine June 25, 2021

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The best way of life, the key to pure happiness, it has 7 sacred steps.

1: Not care whatever people do
2: Not to care about what they say, it's your life
3: Fuck the government. In it's ass
4: To do what you love
5: To live your own fucking life.
6: And to love it too.
7: Love the fucking music! Listen to The Ramones, The Clash, The Sex Pistols, Cheap Trick, maybe Green Day and fucking NOT simple plan, evoid pop-punk at all cost!
I'm a Punk, it's my way in life, I fucking love it, you should do, if you don't in my eyes you do, I don't give a fuck
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by KimPine May 24, 2021

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Through the souls of Joey, Jhonny, Dee-Dee and Marky Ramones, a great spiritual mindful way of life and the way to sheer happiness, it is to do what you want, not give a fuck what other people sya and to enjoy your fucking life.

It is called being Punk, it comes with fucking amazing music to!
My religion is The Ramones
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by KimPine May 24, 2021

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