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a wonderful Canandianism...I too thought it to be a myth until I came to live in montreal.
person 1: Damn you, stop scoffing at my snowpants.

person 2: I don't know what you're talking aboot! I'm wearing snowpants too. They sure are sporty, eh?
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A word meaning 'about' said by eastern Canadians, the Scots (well, southern Scots anyway) and parts of north-east England.

One of the greatest words that isn't in the English language.
"What's this aboot?"
by shiieru November 13, 2003
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1. Canadian vernacular for "about".
2. A type of shoe (sing).
1. What's all that a boot?
2. Hey look! I found a boot.
by Steven Hopkins August 09, 2005
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Alternative pronunciation of "about" in the north of Scotland.
There's a moose loose aboot this hoose!
by Alice October 19, 2003
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The thing stupid american shitholes think canadians say instead of about.
Y'all say a-boot up in them thar canadian igloos.
by Hhhhh October 04, 2004
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A common American misconception about Canadians. I originally thought it was just our usual American idiocy when it comes to foreign accents, but you SHOULD give both Canadians and Americans a break.

Canadians say 'about,' but they pronounce the 'ou' like the 'oa' in boat. Hence, 'aboat.' The Canadians I know (Who are technically French-Canadians) say 'aboat.' When you think about it, they pronounce it more eloquently than we do.
Me: Say "Canadians don't say 'aboot', they say 'about'."
My Friend: Er, "Canadians don't say 'aboot', they say 'aboat.'"
by Hannah Burke May 08, 2006
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A common misconception. Canadians think Americans pronounce "about" as "aboot" and Americans think Canadians pronounce "about" as "aboot" as well. However, to my knowledge, no one actually pronounces "about" as "aboot".
American Guy: You're from Canada?! Say about! Say it!
Canadian Guy: ...About?
American Guy: What? Don't you say aboot?
Canadian Guy: ...No?
by More Awesome Than Thou December 02, 2005
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