a wonderful Canandianism...I too thought it to be a myth until I came to live in montreal.
person 1: Damn you, stop scoffing at my snowpants.

person 2: I don't know what you're talking aboot! I'm wearing snowpants too. They sure are sporty, eh?
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Alternative pronunciation of "about" in the north of Scotland.
There's a moose loose aboot this hoose!
by Alice October 19, 2003
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A common misconception. Canadians think Americans pronounce "about" as "aboot" and Americans think Canadians pronounce "about" as "aboot" as well. However, to my knowledge, no one actually pronounces "about" as "aboot".
American Guy: You're from Canada?! Say about! Say it!
Canadian Guy: ...About?
American Guy: What? Don't you say aboot?
Canadian Guy: ...No?
by More Awesome Than Thou December 2, 2005
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A word that dumb ass Americans think Canadians say.
Canadian: What are you talking about?
American: Dont you mean aboot?
Canadian: No.
American: Oh.
by whydoihavetoputaname April 20, 2008
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It's the way our friends in Canada say ABOUT. We know they hate it, but hey, they are Canadians what are they going to do aboot it?
I'm not mad aboot the fact that i say aboot funny. I am simply mad because I live in Canada............Eh
by Canadasux October 13, 2005
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About, only used in Canada. Sometimes Aboat (Uh-Boht) is used.
"What are you talking aboot? I'm all oot of maple syrup!"
by Scoots November 20, 2002
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What dumbass Americans sometimes hear from Canadians when it really sounds like "Aboat"
American: At least I know what I'm talking aboot!
Candadian: You're a dumbass.
by .... guess.... July 4, 2004
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