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A great way to get your ass out of a sling if you are an American visiting a hostile foreign country. Afterall, who hates Canadians?
A person of questionable Middle East ethenticy-

"Hey, American infidel. Hold on a moment while i detonate myself so i can go meet Allah and have 45 male virgins to myself".

American tourist-

"Eh? Whats this aboot? I'm just a simple Canadian trying to hop a plane home so i can sit in my igloo and watch hockey on tv while drinking Crown Royal eh".
by Dick driller October 13, 2010
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This country has only two things it loves:
1. Hockey.
2. Being owned by The British.

It is sometimes referred to as the Northern United States, but far sissier. Instead of telling the British to Fuck off like the US did, it bent over and continues to take it anally from our friends across the Atlantic with the funny accents.

Canada has only 5 professional hockey teams and none of them have won the Stanley Cup in years.

They have one National hero as opposed to the US who have thousands. That one hero is named Sidney Crosby, aka, Cindy.

He is a whining hockey player who enjoys being cornholed by beefy men. When he gets drilled another way into the boards and has a career ending injury, he will be a nobody and Canada will again only have it's love of being owned by the British to make them happy.
That guy wearing a Crosby jersey and taking it in the ass sure looks like Sidney Crosby. In fact it is Crosby. My god he is acting like such a Canadian.
by Dick driller April 20, 2010
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An individual who has a healthy desire to consume massive quanities of semen thus proving their royal lineage amongst the lesser penis enhalers.
That Todd is such an open-jawed jizz queen. If he isnt careful he's going to need his stomach pumped ala Rod Stewart style.
by Dick driller January 02, 2009
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To suck one's own penis while defecating.
I was sitting on the toilet with candles lit and Yanni music playing and got really turned on while pinching a loaf. So i gave myself a Self Induced Blumpkin. The smell of my own poop made me cum into my mouth.
by Dick driller January 08, 2009
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The gayest hockey player ever. Loves cock, nuff said.

Is adored by gay men and fat women, mostly in Canada. People in the US have more sence than to idolize sperm guzzling, sphincter licking, hockey players like this. Even people in Pittsburgh hate this shitsack.
"Look at the way Sidney Crosby is skating tonight. Can barely stand up. I'm guessing his ass was jammed by a few hung men before tonights game. What a true Canadian he is".
by Dick driller October 24, 2010
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A man who likes to have anal sex with someone who has to drop a big log. This usually ends up with the cock and balls coated in shit. Dont try this on your parents bed kiddies.
I was shitballing my girl's anus on my parents bed and got feces all over the sheets. I didnt know she had a hot turd in the chamber when I started probing her with my fuckstick.
by Dick driller January 06, 2009
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When a chick is sucking your cock and you notice insane amounts of jizz oozing out of her loose, overworked snatch. Because we are guys, we continue on face fucking her and dump the contents of our balls into said bitches gut.
Dude, really. Your mom is a filthy slut. I mean, she sucks a good dick and all but holy shit she's a total cum dumpster. How many guys do you think she fucked already today? I'm guessing by the amount of jizz i saw seeping out of her loose flappy twat and asshole, that she's been with 8 or 9 guys already today. Have a talk with her will ya?
by Dick driller July 24, 2010
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