having the newest and hottest gear, on your car or feet.
i done came down, screens falling like rain
by Jsquad May 03, 2006
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The act of "lolling" and JIZZIN IN DA PANTS at the same time.
The other day Brian told me a rofl story and I lol-came. It was really messy.
by MexicrackerJoseph January 04, 2010
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When someone says or does something towards you in a rude or threatening way

Person: your stupid and ugly

You: whya are you coming at me like i did something to you
Person: just stfu you came at me first
You: it clearly shows that u came at me cuz u called me ugly and stupid like whats up. Do you wanna fight!?
by Anonymous speaker October 14, 2015
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1: to win in a situation. (usually involving possessions)

2: to rob some up, or be the beneficiary in a robbery or theft.
1: found a dollar, came up.

2: "yo u see dude with tha iphone, ima rob him" *2 hours later* "whered u get tha iphone" "came up"
by mattxvh January 06, 2009
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1. to see something
2. something you stole or found
ey dawg..today i came across that new cell u wanted
by JoShWa July 04, 2003
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What Oprah Winfrey said after the president of hermes appologized over her not being allowed entry into their store that was in the process of closing for a private party in paris. In other words Oprah now is talking "Black".
Sir I appreciate that you "came correct" in treating this matter.
by Jeffrey S. September 20, 2005
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When you happen to pass by an unguarded or unattended item of value in your daily routine and swipe it before anyone notices it. Usually sold afterward.
me: Wanna buy an iPod?
guy: Where'd you get it at?
me: Just came up on it!
by Mega Millions March 29, 2010
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