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When a guy ejaculates cum from his penis
Kaylee : God Damn Sara What's That Horrible Smell?
Sara : Craig Came all over my leg's & shorts during lunch!
Kaylee : Why?
Sara : Cause I sit on his lap and kissed his neck while he stuck his hands down my shirt.
Kiersten : Damn't Jake I just bought this shirt now it's ruined!
Kaylee : What's wrong?
Kiersten : I was giving Jake A blowjob during lunch and he Came all over my new shirt!
Chad : Oh Steve! Oh Steve! Ahhhhh! Ahhhhh! Ahhhhh!
Steve : Hey Kaylee!
Kaylee : Steve what the hell is all over your face?

Chad : I was sucking Chad's dick and he Came all over me!
Kaylee : Wow there is way too much sexual activity around here during lunch!
by SlopNChop March 13, 2018
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When a guy ejaculates cum from his penis.
I was cuddling with my friend when i came.
by Fouseygroot January 03, 2019
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1. A great feeling
2. Hoping there is more
3. past tense of cum
"I was so fucking tired, after i came"
"That bastard came all over my face, thankfully his small penis also means not much cum."
"I finally came"
by Beth August 31, 2004
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Came is the past tense of come, which means to move toward something (and various other things). It is not, however, the past tense of cum. The past tense of cum is cummed. Look at the word hang. When you hang somebody (as in a form of execution), you hanged them, not hung them. Same goes for cum. It is a different word and meaning so it is cum, cummed, cumming, will cum, et cetera.
I came over to Erin's house last night and played video games.
by Doobie Smokes You May 11, 2005
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