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An area of London in the boroughs of both Southwark and Lambeth, between Brixton and Peckham. At the centre of Camberwell is the Camberwell Green, which is an important junction on any London Bus Map. The legendary Wilson's School (since moved to Wallington) was founded here in 1615. There is a large park called Ruskin Park, which is situated next to the huge King's College Hospital which has seen the birth of many a young genius. Camberwell also has a large Greek Orthodox church, and has a large Greek community. Charlie Chaplin was born nearby, up the Walworth Raad. Camberwell has achieved a gangsta reputation, and is the scene of frequent violent crimes. Unfortunately it is in Millwall territory, which may be a cause when we look at the volume of violence in Camberwell. It is not advisable to go wandering around Camberwell at night, particularly alone.
Person A: Come we go Camberwell.
Person B: Nah blud, allow, I ain't got ma gat.

Person C: One of my mans got gunned down in Camberwell.
Person D: (sarcastically) No way!

Person Z: I was born in King's College Hospital.
Person Y: That's beyond, I wish I was born there, it's the most gangsta hospital in London, the babies are born with doo-rags there.

by Airways November 14, 2005
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