hungry? grab a snickers.

bored? grab a crackpipe.
Shit man.. have you seen my crackpipe? i've been looking for it all day.
by ching0 April 12, 2004
somebody or sumthing that is crazy or scarily insane
This crackpipe wont gimme back my sack
by juliette July 27, 2004
A lesser known nickname for a major male crackhead. These men are most often found at our nations capital.
Guy 1: Look at Papa Crackpipe over there.
Guy 2: Hey dumbass, thats our president.
Guy 3:Ain't that just like that old fella.
by The JoshMeister101 June 8, 2009
A crackwhore fisting herself with a lubed up glass hand.
Wow Becky sure did a Georgia Crackpipe on herself last night.Woweee
by doritoboy420mtndew4life March 18, 2019
she's so used to crack that when she gives a bj she tries to light your ballsack and smoke the spunk straight out
Had my first crackpipe suprise last night, This crack whore is crazy man she set my balls on fire and i spunked everywhere
by aidsriddledrob August 24, 2017
A utensil purpose made to smoke crystal methamphetamine and/or freebase cocaine. Constructed using a straw cut in half, a plastic lid and a lightbulb with the screw part sawn off. Lightbulb crackpipes give ghetto charm to your smoking experience but most importantly allows you to smoke your sweet, sweet crack cocaine .
"I lost my regular crackpipe so I had to make a lightbulb crackpipe"
"Did it work?"
"I have the increadible urge to smoke more rock don't I?"
by Daver443 October 29, 2006