A sweet guy with an awesome personality. If you see one, he's sure to brighten your day. They are amazing and one of a kind, so be sure to never let them go. Hard-working, strong, and intelligent(even if they don't think so), a Ruskin will be able to pull through anything. Having a great sense of humor, he can always make you laugh. He will help you with your problems, and will keep trying until you are happy. He can make you happy when you're sad, and is a faithful and loyal friend. He is a natural leader, and likes to take charge of things and lead groups of people. He is very friendly, and likes to have many friends. He likes to draw and expose his likings to his friends. If you have a Ruskin in your life, never lose them, because they are one of the most amazing people that you will ever meet.
Person 1: Oh there goes Ruskin.

Person 2: Yeah he's awesome

Person 1: I know right?!
by Icedragonboi April 17, 2019
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A Large town south of Tampa where the Mexicans roam, most people there keep Straps Incase Fools from small towns like Wimauma come by, people there be ALTERADOS so it’s recommended not to visit!!!
“Hey let’s go Visit Ruskin ? Nah bro pura raza alterada vive allá, we going to get shot”
by SianaloaMurks November 8, 2018
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A Town dominated by the Mexicans that stomp Fools Specially from Wimauma And 301blvd, It’s highly recommended you don’t visit there after hours as you may encounter a Young City Slicka that’s tryna get he’s grind on, Don’t become a causality in the Field as most youngbloods keep they Glocks in they pockets!
“Yo stop by Ruskin, Dude we not from there we finna get Shot”!
by SianaloaMurks November 8, 2018
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Oxford's non-university, right-on, lefty college for older students.
You study at Ruskin? Wow!

Err..wel, aktully i doo politiks at ruskin collige.
by Miles Pieri January 23, 2004
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An artist who is super kind and caring. he has been through a lot but always makes sure you aren't upset because he knows how it feels. He likes to send memes, cursed, dank etc and is not a simp at all. He is hard working and is motivated to work out. Ruskin has life goals and will become a ladies man. He is super chill and when he laughs its amazing because he never does it so you really like it. He is kinda emo, likes anime but again, is one of the best people ever because he is so so loyal and super trustworthy.
ruskin: *exists*
the world: omg
by skontix December 14, 2021
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