From the Greek word of the same spelling, the concept of overweaning pride, or expectations that far exceed the scope of one's being.
by Bird tha 5'9" June 14, 2004
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In ancient Greece: The sin of thinking you are above the gods or forgetting to give them credit when they have helped you. Of course they don't tell you when they help you, you are just supposed to know. Committing hubris ALWAYS leads to nemesis, the gods' punishment.
Oedipus: Yes! I have rid this country of evil. All by myself! *hubris*

Athena: No, damn it, I helped you! Respect me! Oh well, I'll just kill you then. *nemesis*
by Kåre Skinnebach January 6, 2009
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Advanced arrogance, thinking you're way more important than you really are and are really presumptious. Closely related to megalomania.
It's about time the RIAA is smitten by some deity for hubris and stop thinking they are the law.
by Fluid July 16, 2003
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An adjective used to describe an action of grotesquely unnecessary talent, finesse, or pride that ends in resounding (though somewhat satisfying) failure.

In gaming - when players makes a hubris effort that, while looking awesome, ends in their death or failure
by the zombie guru August 9, 2008
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How many people have a hubris when they take a bath?
by Argok0 November 5, 2007
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Hubris is a mental state where someone (usually while playing a video game) thinks that he or she is the MAN. This is a common human trait however there are few who merit the reputation of hubris. One can tell when another displays hubris as trash talk, derogatory language involving relatives, siblings and sodomy are expressed. Hubris often leads to a person's downfall or humility especially after being defeated and excuses are often made. Hubris is often found in dorms and buildings where video games take place however there are a few exceptions.There are many forms of hubris and is often perceived as a fatal flaw.
Here is a display and verbal use of hubris.

"A person taking off his shirt after a game and make rubbing it into the other player's face." This often results in the man displaying hubris to put a shirt on.

This is merely a verbal display of hubris

"Look at you, you come out of pipes and I step out from darkness." The one displaying hubris was later teamed upon on and thoroughly destroyed.

Things often associated with hubris

"A pale boy from Fuess, A brown boy from Stearns, Ganondorf, the LORD, Henningsen."
by Luinis Mok July 11, 2008
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Thinking your brand new keyboard layout is the shit.
Look! Let's double the size of this delete key. Then, let's rotate the whole block of keys to make sure people hit it on accident. What? What hubris? Nooo look its so ergonomic.
by December 14, 2007
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