Emperor of Rome, succeded Tiberius.
When he was little, he was beloved by the Roman army. They nicknamed him "Little Boots" and made him their mascot.

Indeed, it appeared as though Caligula had it all. But Roman politics soon took it all from him.
Tiberius had most of his family killed and took little Caligula to live with him on the Isle of Capri.
It's hard to imagine how the young man felt, having to serve the same man who shattered his life.
But it seems likely that it left him with a lingering hatred of Rome, it's traditions and politicians.

So, when Caligula became Emperor, people initially rejoiced. But he soon ushered in an anarchic reign, designed to ridicule the establishment.
He made the army gather seashells, he threatened to make his horse - Incitatus - a senator, he dressed as Roman Gods.
The Roman elite would only take so much of this mockery. Eventually, they cornered Caligula in a hall way and hacked him to death.
Caligula is often portrayed as being insane. But it seems more likely that he was merely filled with a loathing of Rome because of his traumatic childhood.

Caligula's attacks on the establishment indicate that he was some form of primoridal anarchist. His actions were calculated, rather than being the random antics of a maniac.
by Tyburn February 28, 2010
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A kick ass song made by rapper Zillakami.
“Yo did you hear that new album with Zilla?”
Hell yeah Caligula is lit
by zzzim November 25, 2018
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Caligula, n. a sexual act in which an individual receives both analingus and cunnilingus/fellatio. Simultaneously from two separate partners.
It was the best threeway move ever, I got a Caligula, blown and rimmed by these sexy ass girls.

I can't tell you how awesome it was get a Caligula! I had both of them eating out my vag and ass at the same time.
by Homoschwul July 4, 2013
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1. one of the most egotistical, violent, depraved, arrogant, narcistic SMFs in history. During his short reign as Emperor of the Roman Empire, he promoted a personality cult with vainglorious building projects promoting himself. He declared himself to be a god. He committed incest with his sisters and married a whore just to have an heir. He was an absolute SMF, raped a married couple at a party, had people tortured and raped while he dined, sent part of an audience in a coliseum into a pit of beasts because he was bored, waged a phony invasion of Britain, and subverted the Roman Senate by turning the chambers into a brothel. He made one of his horses a council and slept with it too. His name is infamous because of all this and more and he was brutally assassinated by the Praetorian Guard.
2. a movie produced by Bob Guccione of Penthouse Magazine, released in late 1979. It would probably be rated NC-17 by today's standards because it's a 'normal' plot-scripted film with numerous real pornographic acts scattered thruout.

3. any such person who displays such personality traits. NOT A COMPLEMENT. Lately, it's been Donald Trump.
1. Donald Trump, like Caligula usurped power and abused it to the max. He fits ALL the character traits of that disgusting infamous Roman emperor.

2. On the last night of the Trump dictatorship, I surfed the net and saw YouTube footage concerning the deposings of the dictators Niccolò Ceausescu of Romania and Moammar Gadhafi of Libya. Both those assholes met their end violently. Then I was referred to a German-dubbed version of the 1979 film 'Caligula' in its entirety. The porn scenes were sickening and hard to watch but I watched the whole film because i knew that SMF was overthrown and I WANTED TO SEE HIM DIE. I have no desire or need to see that movie again, all evil and sicko tyrants meet their end and that's what I got from the movie. The next day, Shitbag traitor left the White House and Joe Biden became President.

3. Donald Trump is a disgraceful repulsive Caligula by every sense of the term. He is lower than the belly of a pregnant queen ant, sitting on the ground. He is the nadir of American history, social/political cancer, a scummy treasonous sexual deviant who needs to be executed.
by I Saw U2 Live Twice April 23, 2022
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A 1979 film about the fall of the Roman Empire. The movie was produced by Penthouse Magazine and had three directors; Gore Vidal, Bob, Guccione, and Tinto Brass. The movie was pornographic and one of the few scenes worth watching is the execution scene with a decapitating machine that killed Marco.

Roger Ebert said; "Caligula was sickening, utterly worthless, shameful trash. In the two hours of this film that I saw, there were no scenes of joy, natural pleasure, or good sensual cheer. There was, instead, a nauseating excursion into base and sad fantasies."

Caligula has a cult following since it is a one of a kind.
Caligula: If all of Rome just had one neck.....
Praetorian Guard: What's the password?

Caligula: Scrot.....

Praetorian Guard: So be it!

Praetorian guards stab Caligula to death and kill his wife, Caesonia, and their daughter Julia Drusilla

by Viscount Druitt December 5, 2021
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n. A great underground MC that's conceptual song imagery set him far ahead of the hip-hop community.
Caligula "Clone Killer" is a classic EP.
by Wilford April 11, 2005
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