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Extended Play. Alternate word for a music 'Single'. This word is used to describe a CD with a small amount of songs in it (About 5)... Where as the opposite to a EP is a LP, which is a CD with many more songs (10/12ish)
THORIA started theur career by releasing a EP (Worry Dolls) they followed it up with a LP (Love sick)
by John-O November 15, 2004
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EP stands for "extended play". It is a very short CD (often between four to six songs).
AFI has made two EP's: "All Hallows" and the self titled "A Fire Inside".
by Stickabutta July 13, 2006
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EP means extended play. An EP is a short CD/Album released with 4 to 6 songs on it. The opposite of an LP which usually has 10 to 14 songs on it.
Imagine Dragons (awesome, awesome band) made an EP with 5 songs on it including, "I Need a Minute", "Uptight", "Drive", and my personal favorites (that i totally recommend) "Cover Up", and "Curse".

GIRL:"U should totally listen to this CD!!"
FRIEND:"This is really short, is it an EP?"
GIRL:"Yea it was only like four dollars!!"
by ImaginePANIC! April 27, 2011
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(Effortless Pudding)
Can be used to mean whatever you want, but most common in a negative or sarcastic way. Can be a noun or adjective.
*Paul tells a corny joke, but people dont laugh*
"Wow Paul, that was really EP"

"Don't be an EP"
"She's kind of EP"
"Best dessert I've ever had. Super EP"
by Bobisrealycool December 11, 2017
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EP as in: Since this record isn't long enough to be a full length album, you should listen to it and go eat some pudding.
by The-Muffin-Man March 14, 2011
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