Extended Play. Alternate word for a music 'Single'. This word is used to describe a CD with a small amount of songs in it (About 5)... Where as the opposite to a EP is a LP, which is a CD with many more songs (10/12ish)
THORIA started theur career by releasing a EP (Worry Dolls) they followed it up with a LP (Love sick)
by John-O November 15, 2004
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My boyfriend is scrawny, at maybe 130 lbs. soaking wet, but he has an EP! Do not judge the book by it's cover!
by talk2me-JCH2 February 6, 2022
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EP means extended play. An EP is a short CD/Album released with 4 to 6 songs on it. The opposite of an LP which usually has 10 to 14 songs on it.
Imagine Dragons (awesome, awesome band) made an EP with 5 songs on it including, "I Need a Minute", "Uptight", "Drive", and my personal favorites (that i totally recommend) "Cover Up", and "Curse".

GIRL:"U should totally listen to this CD!!"
FRIEND:"This is really short, is it an EP?"
GIRL:"Yea it was only like four dollars!!"
by ImaginePANIC! April 27, 2011
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EP stands for Entitled Parent. They think they are entitled to everything and think the world revolves around them.
This EP just took my laptop because her kid "deserved it more".
by That Guy That You Hate February 14, 2019
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Enemy of Progress
Someone who stunts your growth. Someone who doesn't want to to progress.
Jess: I dropped my ham sandwich. Ugh Satan is the biggest EP.
by brokenmice April 27, 2020
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EP as in: Since this record isn't long enough to be a full length album, you should listen to it and go eat some pudding.
by The-Muffin-Man March 15, 2011
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Exclusive partner, more commonly known as an EP (pronounced E-P), is the stage in a relationship in which you have full exclusivity with another person, with the intention of pursuing a relationship in the near future. However, this other person is not your boyfriend/girlfriend yet.

Having an EP does not solely signify a physical relationship. It represents the early stages of flirting and past experiences of kissing.
James: "Hey Leslie, are you and Ryan going out?"
Leslie: "Not yet, we are just EP-ing right now."
by Prashant Mehta April 13, 2014
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