Former Romanian dictator. The last more or less official communist president Romanians used to be led by for 25 years. Worldwide known for his moderate-aggressive attitude against other communist leaders from different neighbouring countries. He was a shoemaker who mastered only 3 intermediate grades.

Despite all, he was gladly met at the White house by 3 former US Presidents: Nixon, Ford and Jimmy Carter. Also he made a trip around London in royal barouche, near Queen Elizabeth.

He was judged by a spontaneous court in a more or less fair case trial and found guilty for more plaints including national economy disruption and crime against human race. He was convicted to death penalty.
Both he(Nicolae Ceausescu) and his wife (Elena Ceausescu) were executed on 25th of December, at Targoviste, about 60 km distance from Bucharest.
Dictator Ceausescu mixed with communist system were 2 of the very bad things Romanians had to experiment over the past few centuries!
by Matei M August 13, 2007