A sweet, loving, kind and beautiful individual. Generated from the beautiful island in Italy
That flower is so Capri!
by nobleone:) January 1, 2012
If you were to describe someone as Capri it would mean beautiful or extraordinary
Bro you look Capri today
by A nice person on this website January 19, 2019
a nice kind girl that always listens and has good grades and is nice!
Capri is a nice and really kind:D
by catch me outside! November 10, 2018
A sweet, loving girl who can be a bitch sometimes and likes to gossip. She is really dirty-minded but loves her friends and inside jokes. She is a soccer girl / soccer queen . She hangs out with a lot of boys but thinks they are all annoying. She joined the four-square dynasty of her best friend's crush. She only uses mechanical pencils and sings songs about chubman Her friend's name is ha (not joking guys) and she has a fake juul that she shares with her bff at school.

Please add this it would me a lot. Thank you so much if you did! 😆
"Capri is so awesome!"
by BillieSor April 10, 2019
pants that are longer than shorts but shorter than jeans. stupid idiots say capris are for morons but that doesnt make sense. if no one wanted to wear capris and look like a moron why are people still buying them?
if you dont like them simply dont wear them.
I went to the mall today and bought a pair of capris
by SexyLexie August 19, 2007
n: American, based off of 'hot sex'
name used to describe any girl who you would want to have sex with.
Man, she's a real Capri
by Fred September 2, 2004